Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's Not The Size That Matters

Around Our World

This last week this image of an ad taken out by The Times of India on January 22nd has been making it's rounds. In it, The Times of India poses a question to it's male readers:

What is the definition of manhood?

This question, and their proposed answer, comes in response to the exceptionally brutal Delhi gang-rape from December 16th

(In my opinion)
Tragedy number 1 is that this ever occurred. Not just one, but a literal busload of grown men believed a girl was so wrong in her riding a bus home unaccompanied saved for her male friend, that they should take action, did take action, and how extreme it was. Read all about the case here
Tragedy number 2 is that this is not a single, isolated case. This is a widespread issue with so large a portion of the male population within India that rape and harassment occur routinely. It does beg the question - What do you think the definition of manhood is? It would seem for far too many that manhood is how poorly you treat a woman, not how exceptionally.
Tragedy number 3 is how many women are entirely unaware of they can do about any of it. The 'What now?' question has gone unanswered for too long. Great brief article here

But there is hope. Hope in our youth. The response was so great and peaceful, that their message of intolerance for these continued crimes was received loud and clear by all. The missing link in all of this is the change in the culture.

What do you think of the December 16th attack? 
What's your take on Justice Verma Committee's report? 
Who do you think should make the move and what should it be?