Interview with the Founder

Jeb Brovsky founded Peace Pandemic in 2010.

He spent four years at the University of Notre Dame playing varsity soccer for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish; he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Business Management and International Peace Studies.

Jeb played his debut year of professional soccer in the MLS in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada playing for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

Now Jeb is playing for the Montreal Impact FC in MLS.

Q&A with Jeb // Peace Pandemic

What inspired Peace Pandemic?
JB: Peace Pandemic (or at least the idea of Peace Pandemic) began when I was younger. I was exposed to violence at a young age; tragedies like the events that occurred at Columbine High School where I grew up were close to home and I learned some lessons the hard way. While at the University of Notre Dame, I took my passion for peace in the world and combined it with studying Social Entrepreneurship. I then began what is now Peace Pandemic!

What is the main goal or mission statement of Peace Pandemic?
JB: Peace Pandemic's main mission is to end violence (both structural and physical) against women through soccer. Peace Pandemic connects the youth of the world through nonviolent mediums. We want young men all around the world to know that the true test of a man is how they treat the women in their lives. We want all of the girls and women in the world to also feel empowered and inspired to do whatever they want with their lives without feeling scared or timid.  

How is Peace Pandemic connected to sports like soccer?
JB: We use the power of soccer/futbol as a powerful medium to connect children all over the world. Through 3v3 tournaments in North America and camps abroad in many countries, Peace Pandemic aims to get children of all religious, socio-economic, ethnic backgrounds on the "same field." Soccer is such a powerful tool that has not been utilized enough for peacemaking.

--Find more information on camps here

How do you think people can relate to Peace Pandemic?
JB: The whole idea behind Peace Pandemic is really to disband the ignorant and dangerous stereotypes that many people hold about other cultures, countries, and people. Peace Pandemic wants the children to feel like they are a part of a huge world family and not alone in the pursuit of their goals. Peace Pandemic has no religious or political affiliation, rather we look at the commonality of our human element. 

How has Peace Pandemic changed your life?
JB: Since creating Peace Pandemic, my life has changed in amazing ways. Not only have I met incredible people from all over the globe but I have seen first hand the number of people in this world who are willing to give. Whether it is money, equipment, or time, people want to help their fellow man especially when it comes to teaching their children the value of nonviolence. It is my hope that when people see the awesome power of giving and connection on a global scale, they will literally go out and be the change they wish to see. 

How can people help?
JB: People can help Peace Pandemic by donating money through PayPal here on our blog site or going to and donating through our site. Also, we collect equipment donations and take them with us to all our sites worldwide. If this is something you are interested in please email us and we will be happy to set that up!