Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shifting Paradigms

Here at Peace Pandemic we are committed to making the world a better place. People often say that and then their plan goes to waste or they leave it for someone else to take care of. The key to making the world a better place, in our humble opinion, is to make small, passionate changes in the way we see the world interacting and then we are able to reach the masses.
Our approach is Futbol. Futbol is a commonality shared by all religions, ethnicities, ages, nationalities.... EVERYONE. We look to bring the passion of the game to all corners of the world while showing the importance of nonviolence and connection with other human beings.
Peace Pandemic camps are focused towards youth all over the world. The youth movement is a social powerhouse that is capable of shifting the future towards the direction of tolerance and peace. With boys we focus on the power of solving conflict nonviolently and being responsible leaders in the home and community. With girls the focus is more on team-building and empowering them to be leaders. Futbol is the beautiful game that serves as a boundary-crosser and medium for all of this to take place. Run by the local leaders in the community, the camps provide a clearing for understanding and global dialogue to take place.
Prospective camps will be held in Tanzania, India, Israel, South Africa, Costa Rica, Guatemala and many more. In North America, 3v3 tournaments provide funding and awareness for the camps abroad and the youth of both feel the connection across the world with their fellow camper.
Disbanding stereotypes and stigmas here in North America about the global population is a huge step towards tolerance and peace. When children can see the positive effects of their giving, they feel more inclined to keep doing it. We want the youth of the world to see the impact of even the smallest donations and acts of giving. Whether it be money, equipment or the most precious gift of time, Peace Pandemic wants to enroll the global youth in a movement of peace.
The idea of peace is often looked at as "hippy" and taboo in a sense. We want to prove otherwise. Peace is a "cool," fashionable idea that the youth can make their own. Help spark this movement and help the Peace Pandemic spread.

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