Thursday, December 15, 2011

Finding inspiration in India

"All I've seen is passion - a passion for life and a passion for football" - Jeb
A great video interview from CNN-IBN with Jeb and Caitlin:

"Hold onto your dreams, keep that passion"

A video from Jeb and Caitlin:

On a personal level, watching that last video has inspired me beyond belief. Seeing the looks of joy and happiness on the faces of those kids leaves me speechless. 
Jeb wrote to me in an email describing just how amazing these people are and how they value and appreciate the smallest things. 

This video and the efforts from Jeb and Caitlin here bring me nearly to tears - Jeb told me that if he and Caitlin could have an impact on one person, if they can get their message across to just one - then they have accomplished something.

I fully agree with them - but at this point, I think they've reached more than one.


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