Monday, December 12, 2011

A medium for peace

Hi everyone!
I received an email from Jeb today with updates!

Although he couldn't possibly sum up his experience thus far with an email, he did mention the words crazy, amazing, fascinating, rewarding, inspiring, and phenomenal.

One of the pitches Jeb played on in East Delhi.

"The stories and the people are incredible - they leave me speechless each and every day."

Here are just a few highlights so far from his trip, Jeb will soon be writing up a post!

Jeb meeting with Kaushul Das - General Secretary of the AIFF (All India Football Federation)

 Pictures with footballers from IYSA (India Youth Soccer Association)

Jeb's wonderful girlfriend Caitlin Phelan has been speaking to the boys and girls at the end of each soccer session regarding health and disease. She's also taken on the role of photographer!

Caitling with some of the boys and girls from camp!

Stay tuned for more pictures and stories!
Jeb and Caitlin with the kids.


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