Monday, December 31, 2012

Camp 3 Guatemala

Wow what a heartbreaking yet joyful day. Mariana Diaz, Notre Dame Alum and founder of HANDS Organization in Guatemala, drove us out to our next location along with her brother Jose and friend Diana.

We put on a camp for roughly 130 children in the village of Jalapa (2 hour drive from Guatemala City. The field was very small but the hearts of the children were huge! Boys from the village came to join the girls from the orphanage where we put the camp on.

As usual, each child received a ball, t-shirt and drinks from the camp. One of the stories that broke our hearts was of a 12 year old deaf girl (pictured below with Caitlin). She was "rented" out to local farmers for sex and abuse and her step-father ended up getting her pregnant. She had a baby at the age of 12 and was left in a field, totally abandoned.

The depth and emotion of hearing theae stories and meeting these girls are immense. They certainly put a perspective on our own lives and get us to see the realities of this world that we often turn a blind eye to.

Here are some of the pictures:

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