Thursday, January 3, 2013

Camps 4&5 Guatemala

What a way to end our camps here in beautiful Guatemala! The atmosphere was picturesque "street soccer" for both our morning and afternoon sessions.

The morning session consisted of 75 children from Guatemala City who displayed some of the best skills we've seen out here! We split the children up by age with Caitlin taking the younger ones and myself taking the older. After a fun-filled morning of playing the beautiful game we got the chance to speak to the children on the importance of nonviolence and respect towards one another, healthy eating habits and also empowerment through following your dreams.

We also want to extend a huge thank you to the volunteers who helped us out at these training sessions. Our Spanish needs some work so we appreciate you correcting us when needed!

The afternoon session was a smaller camp filled with 25 young orphans from the inner city. Some of the boys and girls were too little to even kick a ball yet so Caitlin spent her time on the side with them playing little games and answering questions (funny ones).

The passion and perseverance in life that each of them show is remarkable. I wish I could take American/Canadian teenagers down here every year and have them live in their shoes for a week. What a life changing experience that would be! (Noted for the future)

Here are some photos of these extraordinary children and the volunteers who take time out of their days to make children smile.


  1. thank you
    i cant't find words to thank you enough
    i'M from Guatemala myself and i have to let go my contry cause of the civil war at the end on the 80's
    and i leave now in Québec i work in soccer
    i m responsable for soccer and studies (soccer-études ) in Sept-îles. and what you guys did its a dream for this children and adults...thank you Jeb Browski, go go Impact, maybe one day i will meet you, maybe one day i could send some soccer t-shirts to Escuintla my city but now its a little expensive to send from here, but i have hope it will happen. nad thank you for be a role model for everyone " sorry for my english" gracias amigo...Estuardo Herrarte

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